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Our Business Coaching, Optimisation and Advisory Services to South London Business Owners

The core service provided by BDS London is the Maximising Business Potential program. The program takes place over 5 workshops, with each workshop lasting 6-7 hours in duration, ideally spaced 2 weeks apart over a 10 week period (or planned in a schedule as preferred by you. We recommend at least 1 week between each workshop).

Our Maximising Business Potential modules are;

MBP 1: Strategy and Your Business Future - Strategy Workshop - Price: FREE (see capability)
MBP 2: Intelligent Financial Management - Finance Workshop - Price: £780 (see capability)
MBP 3: Marketing in a Competitive World - Marketing Workshop - Price: £780 (see capability)
MBP 4: Sales Efficiency and Sales Excellence - Sales Workshop - Price: £780 (see capability)
MBP 5: Leadership as an Entrepreneur - Leadership/HRM Workshop - Price: £780 (see capability)
*Prices include VAT. No contract is entered into. You have the right to halt continuation at any point. BDS holds Professional Indemnity (to £1m) and Public Liability Insurance (to £1m).

Our Business Coaching services are provided via a 5 workshop programme.Our Business Coaching services are provided via a 5 workshop programme.