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Welcome To Business Direction Services

Are you a small or medium (SME) business owner or startup entrepreneur in Croydon? Business Direction Services is your trusted local business coaching partner providing the Maximising Business Potential programme. We work with you in a confidential manner, as a dedicated business support partner, assisting you to development, improve and optimise your great business into a remarkable business.

Who Are We

We are a 1 person expert small medium business consultancy, with a remarkable experience, skillset and passion to work with Croydon based SME business owners.

Our Mission

To provide Croydon’s SME business owners with remarkable service provision, to help develop their great businesses into remarkable businesses.

What We Do

We work with the business owner through through a 5 Workshop Programme, called the Maxmising Business Potential Programme.

A Croydon Business Coach providing Local Presence, Dedicated Support & Remarkable Value

With our base in Streatham Hill, South London, we are in a position to spend real time working on your business, as a true business partner. Our rates are not excessive and the value we will provide is remarkable.


Croydon business owners searching for a true business partner?

Croydon business owners are just like like anyone else, human. At times everyone needs a helping hand or guide in any aspect of a persons working life, including running a small or medium business.

At Business Direction Services we provide the Maximising Business Potential programme via a 5 workshop programme which provides remarkable value. We work with great business owners and look at your companies core 5 functions via 5 * 6-7 hour workshops, specifically looking at your;

  1. Strategy and YOUR Business Future
  2. Intelligent Financial Management
  3. Marketing in a Competitive World
  4. Sales Excellence and Sales Efficiency
  5. Leadership and HRM as an Entrepreneur

There is a blueprint of methodology, structures and processes which when implemented will assist you to become more efficient, more profitable and allow you to build a purpose built business that is easier to run.

Business Coach Croydon