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Delivering real capabilities and improved outcomes

Our Business Coaching Capability Statement

Below is an overview of some of the capabilities we provide and key components of your business we assess/consider and improve during each of our 5 modules.

Strategy and YOUR Business Future
This session is approximately 6-7 hours in duration with the module and all toolsets provided by BDS.
- Address why you/we are in business
- Confirm the goals that you are aiming for
- Dicuss business frustrations and the effect of these, and the impact on our goals
- Strategies in overcoming business frustrations
- Business cause and effect model, and the Interdependence of your core business functions and how each of these must operate optimally
- Your businesses life cycle and where you are now
- Technology S Curves and the impact on your decision making processes
- Strategy and the Planning process
- Your 2CN - 2 Critical Numbers. Net profit margin and the average customer spend per sale
- Business models
- Your 5, 3 and 1 Year Ideal Situation
- Your 5, 3 and 1 Year Quantification Cycle
- SWOT, SWOT Matrix and SWOT Action Plans (defined strategies)
- Vision and Mission statments
- Articulated goals/definitions/models/defined strategies integrated into your personal Business Plan (template provided by BDS).

Intelligent Financial Management
This session is approximately 6-7 hours in duration with the module and all toolsets provided by BDS.
- Revenue Vs Profit
- Understanding Intelligent Financial Management
- Understanding Profit Vs Cashflow
- The Cashflow Statement
- Terms of Trade
- Effective strategies to overcome cashflow problems
- Discounting effects on your profit margin
- Structuring your Chart of Accounts
- Key areas of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
- The Ideal Profit and Loss layout - the key to quick and easy ratio analysis
- Identifying your Profit and Loss groupings
- The Balance Sheet Structure
- Key Balance Sheet Ratios - Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Debtor Turnover, Creditor Turnover, Stock Turnover, Gearing Ratio, Rate of Return.
- Ratio Analysis
- Break-even Analysis and Number of Units to Make your desired profit
- Margins Vs Markup
-Budgeting and Forecasting
- Your required revenue income per month
- Key Performance Indicators
- Management Reporting and Monthly/Weekly Monitoring

Marketing in a Competitive World
This session is approximately 6-7 hours in duration with the module and all toolsets provided by BDS.
- What is the purpose of Marketing?
- What appeals to your customers to enquire about your products/services?
- Your Marketing Objectives
- Marketing conversion rates and the importance of this metric
- Key rules to successful marketing
- Understanding how you benefit your target market
- Your Target market - Demographics/Psychographics
- Your benefits and your target market
- Key messages and Communication methods
- Monthly marketing activities documented
- Your marketing budget
- Developing your Marketing activities and strategies
- Measuring your marketing activity
- Integration into Your Business Plan (template provided by BDS)

Sales Excellence and Sales Efficiency
This session is approximately 6-7 hours in duration with the module and all toolsets provided by BDS.
- What is the Purpose of Sales, and your Sales team?
- Sales and production activity
- Qualifying prospective clients
- Your Sales Objectives
- Why do people choose to buy from you?
- Pre and Post Sales
- Customer Service
- Sales Strategies
- Loss Leaders
- Value Adding
- Quantification
- Testimonials
- Objections to your product - what/why
- Sales Collateral
- Your Sales Cycle
- The benefits of Quality
- Your Customer Service Standards
- Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)

Leadership and HRM as an Entrepreneur
This session is approximately 6-7 hours in duration with the module and all toolsets provided by BDS.
- Human Resource Management and its impact on the profitability of your organisation
- Your Entrepreneurial Objective
- Characteristics of a Champion Team
- Engaging Staff in YOUR Vision
- The recruitment process
- Job descriptions
- The induction process
- Training / Education people YOUR way
- Procedures / Systems / Policies / Processes and the importance of
- Communicating to a dynamic team
- Communication methods to assist development of your business culture
- Commission Incentive Schemes
- Production
- Calculating your Ideal selling price
- Production Process Mapping
- Time Management
- Delegation and its importance
- Stress management


BDS's sole purpose is in the optimisation of your business into an outperforming, integrated and fully understood entity. Some of the outcomes that you should expect will include

  • Fully strategised understanding of how to reach your desired profit margin, via quantification modelling your Key Metrics, and how this integrates with your marketing and sales objectives.
  • An improved business culture with improved employee engagement and output/performance
  • A workforce integrated with your businesses plans via the "Staff Copy" of the business plan you will provide your staff.
  • An understanding and the critical appreciation of the importance of strategic analysis and you taking the time to "think" about your business, rather than just "work in" your business.
  • Easy analysis of your businesses performance via ratio analysis of your Profit and Loss statement as well as pre determined Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales Cycle developed and understood by all, as well as many other sales elements developed
  • Marketing Program Developed and budgeted for and understood by all, as well as many other marketing elements developed
  • Net Profit margin, Avg transaction value (spend per sale), number of customers, avg number of times customer spends per year all as key markers, and the cultural importance and impact on the businesses performance of these markers.
  • Higher profitability and greater efficiency, leading to better and a less stressful business life
  • A better product and service
  • A dedicated business partner to talk to, and work on your business with you

Why work with BDS?

  • BDS is a dedicated and passionate business partner, and will assist you to implement remarkable change - maximising your businesses potential.
  • BDS has worked with small businesses over extended periods of time, implementing our provided methodology and processes, watching our strategies and processes succeed, delivering remarkable value.
  • BDS guarantees its service. See here for more information on our guarantee.
  • BDS believes anything is possible